Sunday, October 31, 2010

sPOokY SCary!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!
This year my team decided to have a make-shift costume/halloween celebration although in Italy it isnt that big of a holiday just yet. Finding a costume was really a choice between witch or..... well a witch. Again, my camera is still out of commission, but I was able to get some pictures on my computer before hand to send off.

Also this year my teammate found some pumpkins at a grocery store near her house, so she gave one to me since she's never carved them before. So here is my before and after:

Not very spooky scary, but I forgot how hard it was carving a pumpkin! And I only had my kitchen knife to use, so it was very challenging!

And here is my halloween costume:


But so far the best part of halloween has been all of the TV specials. The Office and Modern Family had some GREAT Halloween episodes this year, so if you need a good laugh tune in!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ohhhhhhh and oNe :(

So we had our first official game this past Sunday. Opening games are always in the same city so all the teams play in the same gym. The best part of this is that I get to see all the girls and that I have played with and against for the past 6 years. And since this year the opening games were in Milan, afterwards we all met up Sunday night to cut a rug :) And since my camera took a nasty spill at my sisters wedding I am without any evidence of that night until my teammate sends me proof that it took place. So I'll post those later. Now onto the game.......

We lost by 17 :( 51-68
The beginning of the 4th quarter we were down by 1, then...... We ran out of gas. It was a team that we could have beat, but Sunday just wasnt our day. Unfortunately that day I couldnt hit sand if I fell off a camel (a reference for Clint)..... I thought this year id write about our games win or lose and post my stats...although after this game, I'm not sure if I want to!

11 Points (5 for 17 shooting), 15 rebounds, 5 turnovers and 5 steals.
If you wanted to try and follow the games online, this is the italian website where you can find stats and articles about ALL of the teams, only thing is its in Italian. GOOD LUCK!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Red, White, and BLUES

One week ago I was heading to America for my sisters wedding, and now I'm in a hotel room the day of the game writing about it! It went by so fast, but Cameron's wedding was one weekend full of nonstop fun......and smirnoffs!

I arrived in Myrtle Beach around 9pm last Friday and was greeted by.....well no one. I started to drag my bags around the airport wondering where anyone was after my 20 hour day of travel. Luckily when I got outside I saw my mother following behind me, and a few doors down the breezeway, I saw my Dad going inside the airport. That's about right. It's funny how sometimes you can be so tired, but once you get to your final destination you all of a sudden have so much energy. We went back to my parents house where we spent the rest of the night hanging out with Cam, her friends, Paul and his family, my parents and their neighbors and granny, again with smirnoffs in hand.

Saturday was the rehearsal dinner, although the dinner wasnt until after, and by dinner we mean BBQ.....which is not to get confused with a Cookout.  The rest of the day and night was spent on the porch cheering on college football since Pauls family is from Alabama so everyone was glued to the TV when Auburn was playing.

There are just too many memories from that night to write about, but let's just say we will be laughing about them for years to come! It was fun getting to meet both families (although I already knew mine) but friends of both sets of families and friends of the bride and groom. At any given time you could walk into a different room and see 4-5 people standing in a circle talking and laughing and 30 minutes later it would be new faces and new smirnoffs :) 

Sunday was Cams big day! We woke up around 8:30 (at this point my body doesnt know where it is or what time it is) and helped mom prepare breakfast for the families. The afternoon went by fast, and before long it was time to head over to HOB for the big event! It was a wedding/costume party, so there were lots of brightly colored tuxedos, some mullet wigs, and a few sets of Blues Brothers in the crowd. The ceremony itself was performed by my sisters friend who was ordained on the internet and lastest about 10 minutes. Then it was time to start the celebration! The families headed down to take pictures while everyone gathered upstairs around the bar. From then on there was lots of food, drinks, music and dancing, and later came some karaoke! I hope there is no video of that, because my sister and I sound the exact same.....and she sounds HORRIBLE up there! (love you cam!)

I am still waiting on some more pictures, but these are a few I had on my camera. The sister karaoke and the cupcake tower.... 2 words: D Licious!

After all the dancing,  I drove the bride and groom off to an after hours club that was completely empty, making it the perfect place to continue our celebration! All the people from the wedding followed and we finished the wedding off right then all headed back to our rooms. 

After 2 days of napping hard between practices, my body is back to where it needs to be, right in time for my game tonight!!!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coming Home Celebration!

Tomorrow morning I get to go back home for a few days to see my family and a few friends for what I call my "Coming Home Celebration" but what my sister keeps referring to it as, her wedding!

I am so excited that I get to be there for her day, the excitement overshadows the fact that I will spend almost 24 hours traveling! Completely worth it!

Wedding pictures soon to follow!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My best purchase so far in Italy......

The day after our tournament we had the day off. So, like I normally do, I slept in then went to a store here, Stefan, that is like a family dollar. I could spend hours in these stores that sell nothing but crap for cheap, but when im over here I have to remember that the stuff I buy I cant bring home. I needed to find something to rest my feet on when I sat on my little couch. This is what I bought:

This thing has always been in my life, but for some reason I never bring one overseas with me. When I saw it in the store, it was a no questions asked purchase. For those of you who don’t know what this is, I would like to introduce you. This is a head massager and it is well worth the 2 euros, or 3 dollars at a Bed Bath and Beyond. There are really no words to describe the sensation, although after trying it out this summer on a few of my friends, it does get mixed reactions.

Needless to say I forgot why I was in the store to begin with, and when I sit on my couch with my feet on the floor now, at least I can massage my head.