Friday, December 17, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

I know i'm behind on my blogging. I'll catch up on the games later, but today I woke up to snow here in Lucca, Italy!

We normally get Friday mornings off and have a practice at night, but because the snow hasn't stopped all day and our coaches travel from outside our city, practice tonight was cancelled. We have one more game on Sunday until we get a short break for Christmas, so although I love a good snow, I sure hope its gone by my flight Monday morning to Egypt!

I love how in Italy, no matter, rain, snow or sleet, people still travel by bike!

I spent my time off by taking a bath and watching A Christmas Carol. I really have been wanting to see this movie since it came out last year, and I was kind of disappointed. It turned out more scary and dark then happy and Christmasy. (And yes I knew the plot before I watched the movie.) Still I thought with Jim Carey, it would have more funny uplifting moments!

Now for some sad news......

After 16 years with the Willis family, our chunky, and loving cat, Forrest "Fatty" Willis has passed away. I still remember when Dad (of all people) brought her into our home back in Fayetteville. She always had something to say and never met a cat toy that she LIKED or a bowl of cat food she didn't. The vet told mom that she was not overweight, but grossly obese weighing in at 17lbs. But she wore the weight well and proudly answered to the name Fatty or Fat Ass. She loved a good back scratch and was often terrorized by my sister or I by making her walk like an armadillo (or raccoon) while scratching her rear. (We both know she secretly enjoyed this, because she always came back for more!) She has been through lots of moves and lots of holidays and now it is finally her time to rest with her other siblings, Morgan and Sneakers. We will miss you Fatty!!! You always put a smile on my face!!!

Hope everyone is keeping warm!! Only 8 more days 'til Christmas!