Saturday, September 3, 2011

Out of my Summer Hibernation....

Welcome Back!

I always take the summer off from blogging, because when I am in Italy I seem to have plenty of down time to play on the computer and blog every week or so. The problem is when I get back overseas, I have TONS to catch up on and I had a VERY busy summer! I have alot to share, and tons of pictures, and I am almost 86% sure that I will post them out of order and miss more then a few things because I have self diagnosed myself with ADD and have a tendency stray away from the topic or get distracted by colorful, shiny objects, or any type of fried food or potato chips. Speaking of which, this summer I was introduced to a new snack called Munchies which is a bag mixed with doritos, cheetos, sun chips and pretzels, and I am a HUGE, HUGE fan! But like I was saying.... I had a GREAT summer, and hopefully this week I will start posting some pictures once my body gets adjusted to this time change!

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