Friday, February 25, 2011

Whooooopsie Daisies!!!

Holy Macaroni, has it been over a month since I blogged?? Yowzers. I have alot of making up to do, so I'll try to give it all to you in a nutshell. I will also try to make up for lost Blog time
with lots and lots of pictures to make you all feel more fulfilled once you leave
my page. You are welcome.
Here goes:

1.I got the flu and was in bed for a few days rocking a 102 fever :( luckily I had a great Doctor there to take care of me and make sure I was drinking my fluids and taking my cough drops ;)

2.. We had a game in Milan while I was still under the weather.... we lost :(

4. The next day I left for Parma for 2 days to participate in the All-Star game here in Italy. It was cool getting to hang out with girls I normally catch elbows from AND get 2 days off of my regular routine here in Lucca. The game was the All-Stars against the Italian National Team, and we ended up winning. But it was more for fun then anything else.

5. We went to Priolo (Sicily) to play last weekend. We were neck and neck with this team in the standings and we really needed to win to move up into playoff position. We beat them the first time we played them here in our gym by 4. Which meant, IF we did lose to them, we needed to only lose by 3, so if we were tied at the end of the season, we would have beaten them by more points and would have the advantage. (did you follow all of that??) We ended up losing by 5 :( Talk about heartbreak. Luckily Sicily is known for their Cannoli's and Mandorla's (Im americanizing these words). Mandorlas might be my new favorite dessert, I can sum them up in 2 words: Little Drops Of HEAVEN!!!!! ehh, you get the idea. Cookies with almond filling? Covered in powdered sugar? Yes please. I bought a box and it only survived 2 days in my house. R.I.P.

6.. That same weekend I was in Sicily, the NBA held THEIR All-Star weekend. I followed most of it online and had recorded each nights festivities on my TV back in my apartment so I was able to watch all the excitement. I have to say that the dunk contest was SPECTACULAR! I know there's some question as to whether or not Blake should have won for only jumping over a car to dunk while McGee was out there dunking on 2 goals AND 3 balls on one goal. BANANAS! But I know if I went outside right now and tried to jump over my Smart car, I probably wouldn't even clear the hubcaps..... and I know what you're thinking, "But Court, you just walked outside and you haven't properly stretched or warmed up." And yes that is all true, but even with a good 15 minute stretch, I might only leave a shin dent above the headlight. And it is all about presentation! I am also a big Blake Griffin fan, so I'm glad he won.

And this was just an extra picture I had of me and Kobe clowning around at the All-Star game, hes a good guy, but can get a little handsy.

So that's my past month in a nutshell! Hope all of you have had a great February and are all ready for a Marvelous March!!!!


  1. Why does kobe have his mitts on ur boobs?

  2. Hey Courtney, thanks for following us. What an exciting life you have! Playing professional ball overseas is an amazing opportunity and I am quite jealous. I played in h.s. but never pursued it any further. Look forward to keeping in touch.

  3. This was the best report; I giggled and thought every day was sweet, sorry about the lost. Loving you, Kathy B